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Copper Alloy


From commodity grades to specialized alloys, Golden Beam Metals is your direct source for copper alloy products. Our mix of domestic and international sources provides the most cost-effective and time sensitive solution for your project demands. Golden Beam Metals offers copper alloy products including: Coil, Strip, Plate, Wire, Bar and Tubing. Additionally, GBM offers unique delivery soultions. From JIT delivery, to service center options in the US and abroad, Golden Beam Metals can maximize the value of procuring copper alloy materials.


Please click the following links to discover the specialized copper alloy materials relative, but not limited to, the following industries:


- Automotive

- Precision Instruments

- Heavy Machinery

- Precision Parts

- Electronics

- Telecommunications

- Bearings

- Home Appliances

- Hardware

- Welding and Brazing


Specialized Copper Alloy Product Details:

Wire and Rod


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