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About Us

Golden Beam Metals has been navigating the international metals market for over 15 years. This experience provides the knowledge and expertise necessary to manage the risks associated with sourcing cost-effective production abroad. Some risk factors that GBM successfully manages include Political, Exchange Rate, Communication, Transaction, Transportation, and Legal implications, just to name a few. Ultimately, GBM's goal is to offer the most competitive price, guarantee consistent production quality and meet specific delivery schedules. GBM has made mistakes in the past that have proven to be valuable learning experiences. Please don't make the same mistakes! Insead, put Golden Beam Metals' knowlege of how to minimize the many risk factors of sourcing your materials to the test. In turn, GBM promises to build a trusting relationship, so your business can profit from global competition without assuming the risks and responsibilities of international trade.

Building Trusting Relationships

Can you trust an online quote without actually visiting the mill? Golden Beam Metals eliminates the various risks of international trade by building relationships. By forming close partnerships with our suppliers, GBM eliminates translation and other communication adversities that can undermine a project. Golden Beam Metals insists upon face to face interaction with the principals of our partner mills. Furthermore, GBM's first and foremost intention is to communicate that quality is paramount.

Navigating the Project 

From communicating product specifications to managing JIT delivery solutions, Golden Beam Metals navigates each project from order to door. GBM will even introduce new ideas to make sure the most cost effective option is offered. After an order is placed, Golden Beam Metals will follow your order's path from PO, to production floor, and then throughout the transportation process. As the "importer of record," Golden Beam Metals assumes all of the import risks and responsibilities associated with your shipment.

Enhancing Customer Service

GBM is available in person, on the ground, here in the US. Your company will know exactly with whom they are working. Also, Golden Beam Metals eliminates the extra resources needed to manage imports. It is no secret that most international suppliers prefer to ship FOB or CIF Port. Golden Beam Metals will manage your shipment throughout the transportation process and find a solution for the type of delivery you require.

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