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International Metals Sourcing Specialists


With over 15 years of experience sourcing metals globally, Golden Beam Metals (GBM) is your direct source for mitigating the many risks of purchasing metal products locally, nationally and internationally. GBM offers a wide variety of qualified metal products, including coil, strip, plate, bar, rod, tube, pipe, forgings and machined parts. Let GBM prove to you that our expertise in the global metals market can decrease your risks and responsibilities associated with sourcing metal products.


Port Warehouse With Cargoes And Containers.jpg
An image of some steel pipes in a warehouse.jpg
New York Sea Port
Rolls Of Steel Sheet.jpg
Copper Elements Round.jpg
Cargo Ship

GB Metal's experienced team works directly with domestic customers and international suppliers to achieve three primary goals:

1) Offer Competitive Pricing

2) Guarantee Production Quality

3) Meet Delivery Schedules

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